My research focuses on privacy-preserving computation using lattice-based cryptography, a type of post-quantum cryptography.


Privacy-preserving computing: exploring cryptographic primitives to support confidential computation
(Sunscreen, 2021 - present)

Privacy-preserving smart contracts: using fully homomorphic encryption (FHE) + zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs) to hide the inputs/outputs of smart contracts
(NuCypher, 2019 - 2021)

Anonymous reputation systems: using lattice-based group signatures to review products anonymously
(Oxford, 2017 - 2018)


  • Solomon R, Weber R, and Almashaqbeh G. smartFHE: Privacy-Preserving Smart Contracts from Fully Homomorphic Encryption. To appear in European Symposium on Security and Privacy 2023.
  • Almashaqbeh G and Solomon R. SoK: Privacy-Preserving Computing in the Blockchain Era. In European Symposium on Security and Privacy 2022.
  • El Kaafarani A, Katsumata S, and Solomon R. Anonymous Reputation Systems Achieving Fully Dynamicity from Lattices. In Financial Cryptography and Data Security 2018.
  • Talks

  • State of Privacy in the Txn Supply Chain Panel, Beyond the Block: MEV Along the Txn Supply Chain
  • Emerging Privacy Enhancing Technologies Panel, Pragma Denver '24
  • [new kid on the block], Fenbushi Research Workshop @Devconnect '23
  • Building an FHE Compiler for the Real World, Zero Knowledge Summit '23
  • Exploring the Landscape of Applied FHE, Autonomous Ecologies '23
  • Privacy-Preserving Computing in the Blockchain Era, EuroS&P '22
  • Privacy-Preserving Smart Contracts from FHE, CrossFyre '21
  • Future of Privacy Coins Panel, Privacy and Security Conference hosted by Light Node Media
  • Beating the Flash Boys with FHE and ZKPs, Scaling Ethereum '21 & Zero Knowledge Summit '20
  • The Marriage of FHE and Blockchain, short talk at IEEE Security & Privacy '20
  • The Future of Privacy-Preserving Smart Contracts, Devcon '19 & Zero Knowledge Summit '19
  • A Lattice-Based Anonymous Reputation System, Oxford viva
  • Riemann Mapping Theorem by Steepest Descent, Berkeley Graduate Student Partial Differential Equations Seminar '14
  • Press

  • This niche cryptographic technique could transform privacy in web3, TechCrunch, July 2022
  • Technical Writing

  • (Why) Bringing Privacy to Smart Contracts is Non-trivial, NuCypher, December 2020
  • An Intro to Fully Homomorphic Encryption for Engineers, NuCypher, July 2020